If you're looking for the perfect corporate events venue, this is it! We provide fully catered business venues for small or large parties! We aim to give you and your guests the best experience and provide customizable options and standard venue options including booking flexibility, coffee & snacks, full menu options, and free Wi-Fi. We provide a variety of packages - including our regular or evening meeting packages, team building packages, retirement or seasonal holiday office parties. For more detail or to view our venue and location, please call us at 532-4911!



We take care of everything so that you can focus on achieving the goals of your meeting. We offer private half-day or full-day room rentals, à la carte  or fully catered lunch & dessert options prepared by our restaurant, flip charts, and projector screens are available.


If you're looking for the perfect venue that allows you to leave the cares of the office behind, look no further! In the heart of Shediac with easy access off the highway from Moncton, we are the perfect location! We offer multiple team building options so you can choose what you think would enhance and improve your employee social relations.

  • Escape Rooms + Teambuilding - Guests will be split into smaller teams and will face our challenging escape rooms! Following this experience, we will lead an analysis of your team's challenges and successes.
  • Murder Mystery – Each guest will be assigned a character and given different objectives and roles to follow throughout the experience. As the day unfolds, you will have to defend your innocence while figuring out which one of your co-workers is to blame for the crime!
  • Trivia Challenge – Guests are split into teams and work together to score points in a 4-round trivia challenge. Following this experience, we can lead an analysis of your team's challenges and successes.
  • Game Show Night – Guests are split into teams and work together to score points in a series of game-show-inspired challenges! We draw our inspiration from a number of favourites: Family Feud, The Price is Right, Fear Factor, Jeopardi!, .
  • Board Game Night - What better way to celebrate your retirement, your new business venture, or your birthday than by playing games? Le Moque-Tortue is equipped with Atlantic Canada's largest collection of board games! Whether you're a kid or an adult, a novice or an enthusiast, Le Moque-Tortue is an awesome place to have a party!

    Vous vous êtes échappé du bureau pour la journée, mais est-ce que vous et votre équipe pouvez travailler ensemble pour échapper à nos chambres? Nous adorons organiser des événements passionnants pour les entreprises, les entreprises et les organismes sans but lucratif!

    En mettant l'accent sur la résolution de problèmes et en vous amusant, vous êtes assuré de profiter de cette expérience sociale unique. Nous offrons un espace créatif et sécurisé pour collaborer, tester les limites et, plus important encore, rire avec votre équipe.

    Les clients d'affaires ont la possibilité d'utiliser exclusivement nos chambres à thème. Si vous cherchez à personnaliser votre événement pour une célébration ou une étape particulière, nous sommes toujours heureux de vous aider!

    Nous concevons des événements inclusifs amusants qui vous pousseront hors du familier et vous aiderons à redécouvrir le travail d'équipe. Notre objectif est d'ouvrir votre esprit à des solutions différentes et créatives à vos défis quotidiens.

    Placé dans un scénario immersif, votre groupe sera mis au défi d'atteindre un objectif commun. Les jeux d'évasion créent une expérience mémorable qui laisse un impact durable suivant l'événement.

    Nos salles non seulement encouragent le travail d'équipe mais l'exigent, créant une occasion unique d'observer les comportements individuels, les contributions et la dynamique d'équipe.

    Établir un rapport! * Résolution de problème! * Résolution de conflit! * Découvrez les talents cachés * Identifier le potentiel d'embauche et de promotion! * Augmenter l'engagement et le moral!


Are you looking for the perfect corporate Christmas venue party or idea? Le Moque-Tortue provides a memorable and seasonal Christmas atmosphere with a great menu and a long list of fabulous cocktails! We can cater to businesses of any size! Call 532-4911 to book your business Christmas party for great dates and time availability!


Planning a retirement party for yourself or someone special? Le Moque-Tortue offers both casual and formal retirement parties for groups big and small. Show them you care and appreciate all their hard work and effort they have provided you over the years. Let them relax, enjoy and kick off their retirement at Le Moque-Tortue and let us take care of the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring a cake?
Yes. We charge a $10 cake cutting fee (we supply the cutlery, the plates, and the cleanup!). All food brought in MUST BE FREE OF NUTS & PEANUTS

Do you offer alternative menu items meeting dietary restrictions?
We offer a variety of vegan, vegetarian, and peanut-free items on our menu. Please alert us of any dietary allergies that your guests may have so we can ensure everyone's comfort and safety.

Are adults required to stay for kids' parties?
There must be at a minimum ratio of one adult per five children under 12 throughout the party to supervise their guests. We are glad to offer table service and game support, but we do not offer child care. Parents and adults are encouraged to join the fun! Please let us know how many adults will be joining so we can plan for the appropriate party size.