Tabletop Games

Le Moque-Tortue is equipped with Atlantic Canada’s largest accessible treasury of tabletop games.

With over two thousand titles, you could spend hours browsing through the collection. But why would you do that when you can actually PLAY the games!

We have card games, dice games, wargames, tile-based games, solitaires, puzzles, Euros, two-player abstract games, contraption-based games, push-your-lucks, speed games, trivia, and party games - in other words, there are games for everyone!


Le Moque-Tortue is a full-service bistro with TONS of board games! We welcome all players in parties of any size (as long as we have enough tables and chairs). Please bring only one game at a time to your table. Stay and play as long as you like for $5 per person!

Questions? Feel free to ask one of our staff or contact us!



Card Games

If they come in a deck and they're made out of paper, we treat them as card games. We have every kind under the sun - trick-taking games, gambling games, matching games, fishing, shedding or accumulating games, comparing games, and even a few collectible card games. House favourites include:

Statut Social, Summoner Wars, Timeline, Feed the Kitty, Fill 'er Up, Coup, Citadels, Mille Bornes, MAD, Quiddler, 6 qui prend!, Colossal Arena, Werewolves, and Zombie Fluxx.

Tons of Euro games and designer board games right next to Moncton, NB

Designer & Euro

Our collection includes games from many of the most notable game designers in the world, including Vlaada Chvátil, Leo Colovini, Stefan Feld, Reiner Knizia, Wolfgang Kramer, Alan R. Moon, Klaus Teuber, and Klaus-Jürgen Wrede.

Dice games


Push your luck, check the odds, roll with the punches!

Quorridor Board Game Abstract Strategy

Abstract Strategy

These 2-player games don't rely on a theme. There's a close kinship between abstract strategy games and logic puzzles, since every board position presents the player with the puzzle, "What's the best move?" We have all the classics, like Chess, Checkers, Nine Men's Morris, Go, Xiangqi, Shogi, Backgammon, and Mancala... and a long list of others: Abalone, Cathedral, Pente, Quorridor, Black Box, Blokus Duo, Dragons, Duell, etc.


TV & Movies

Want to play your favourite themes? We have everything from Lord of the Rings to Sex and the City, from Star Wars to Friends!



Do you like solving problems? Logic puzzles? Detective series? We got'em!

Rubiks Cube

Brain Teasers

Hundreds of brain teasers of all kinds!


Old Standards

Yes, those games you remember from your childhood!



Ravensberger games combine entertainment and education. Their motto: learning by doing. The games are all of great quality, exceptional design, and current themes.


Kids Big & Small

We have TONS of kids' games, for children of all ages! There are balance games, games testing fine or gross motor skills, puzzle games, roll-and-move games, etc!

rivet wars board game


Want to play War? or face a zombie horde? Or do you want to witness the Apocalypse? A Dystopia? Face Fascism? Are you a survivalist? You can play it here!

Family Board Games


Some board games offer great ways to connect with your family. Some are also a great learning tool for children. They're also a great distraction while you have a bite to eat! Our collection has tons of old favorites and probably a good number of titles you've never heard of before. Games like Beat The Parents,
dozens of versions of Monopoly Monopoly Junior, many versions of HedBanzApples to Apples, Sequence, Jokes de Papa, and Life.



Did you know that Shediac is the birthplace of Scrabble? We LOVE word games here! And we got TONS of'em!



Party games for groups of all sizes! Storytelling games, betting games, trivia games, whatever you want to play!