11am - 11pm
402 Main Street, Shediac, NB

Lobster dishes. Fresh shellfish. Beautiful soups. Abundant chowders. Mac n'cheeses. Great desserts... ...and a well-stocked bar!

Le Moque-Tortue is equipped with Atlantic Canada’s largest accessible treasury of tabletop games. We have card games, dice games, wargames, tile-based games, solitaires, puzzles, Euros, two-player abstract games, contraption-based games, push-your-lucks, speed games, trivia, and party games - in other words, there are games for everyone! With over two thousand titles, you could spend hours browsing through the collection. But why would you do that when you can actually PLAY the games!

It's $5/person to play as long as you like!
Just want to eat? No admission!

We welcome all players in parties of any size (as long as we have enough tables and chairs). Please bring only one game at a time to your table, and no games are to be brought outside. Questions? Feel free to ask one of our staff or contact us at 532-4911!

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Our escape rooms are a great way for 2 to 8 players to be presented with a real challenge, build relationships between work colleagues, have a fun date night, or even celebrate someone in an original way.
Our puzzles don't require physical effort: your success hinges on working together as a team using your wits, memory, problem solving, and communication skills! The goal is simple: ESCAPE BEFORE THE CLOCK RUNS OUT.

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You're trapped!

You find yourself "trapped" in an unfamiliar room with little knowledge of what's to come.

Tempus fugit

You have one hour to escape. Will your team get out in time or fail in its quest?

Your team

You will need to work as a team with the other players to solve puzzles - so pick your entourage wisely!

Your Wits

Get your team ready for a mental workout - search for clues & solve puzzles & challenges! Godspeed.
Driven by a passion for good company and an appetite for wonderful food, our games bistro is a bright & playful space. We offer everything from a morning cappuccino to delicious seafood chowders, afternoon iced treats and an exceptional wine list. Come and enjoy our bright casual atmosphere!

Le Moque-Tortue is perfectly situated in downtown Shediac, right across from the Pascal Poirier Historic House.

The Greater Moncton International Airport (YQM) is only 16 km away!


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